Vessel´s mooring and unmooring

Draft Survey´s boat assistance

Frech Water supply by boat

Ship-chandler for equipments, spare parts and provisions

Launch Hire

Pilot boarding assistance

Point bathymetry or of extensive areas

Rescue of boats and crew

Maintenance and setup of nautical signs

Customized support

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Setup and implementation of emergency response center

Air surveillance by plane or drone

Preventive siege (oil boom)

Hydrocarbons spillage attendance

Full training of First Responder and On-scene Commander

Environmental readiness services

Weather station

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V/C and T/C Boat

Boat for tours

Boat on demand

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Maritime Port Agent

Full operational assistance to shipowners and crew and follow-up 24/7 of your port operation in all Brazilian ports. Always focused on agility and low operational cost.

Customs Clearance

Cargo and vessel clearance of all types of cargoes in bulk and container supported by a team with many decades of experience in customs clearance.

Trading Company

Oceânica International Business (OIB) imports and distributes cargoes of all kinds and is licensed for imports by the Department of Federal Revenue and has been granted a state tax benefit.

Fertilizer Warehouse

Oceânica group of companies owns vertical and horizontal warehouses for bulk cargoes,
with automated technology and railway access strategically localised in São Francisco do Sul – SC.

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