National Maritime Sector

2 Oct 2020

Setor Marítimo Nacional

“You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the boat sails to get where you want.”

The phrase spoken by Confucius some 2,500 years ago has never been more current. About two months after Covid-19 began to issue health emergency decrees, we have seen national behavior change day by day. Efforts to keep the country on the path of growth have been implemented in the daily actions of the sectors classified as essential, which have, on a daily basis, been adequate to enable the maintenance of their routines.

Among these sectors, the segments related to our Blue Amazon: maritime transport, port activities, pilotage, oil and gas exploration, maritime support, fishing, maritime and sanitary inspection activities, among others, cannot stop, demanding from these professionals an effort even bigger.

In a quick analysis, Admiral Francisco Antônio de Magalhães Laranjeira, President of Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro, declared that: “The Covid-19 crisis brought a great challenge to the maritime community, as this, as an essential activity, under no circumstances can stop, since the country’s entire economy moves through ports. A collapse in this segment means stopping Brazil. ”

This reality is based on the contribution to the generation of wealth associated with the Sea. Currently, the Blue Economy generates for the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) the amount of R $ 1.1 trillion, corresponding to about 19% of GDP.

Source: Sopesp Notícias