How many ports are there in Brazil and in the world?

2 Oct 2020

Quantos Portos Existem no Brasil e no Mundo?


There are more than 2000 ports, each with its own size and purpose. There are ports that are capable of handling hundreds of tons per year by allowing only one ship at a time, while others move millions by supporting more tasks simultaneously.


According to the annex to ANTAQ Resolution 2969, Brazil has 235 port facilities – taking into account public and private infrastructures, whether maritime or fluvial, since no Brazilian port facility is classified as Port Lacustre.
It is important to note that these data were taken from the Secretariat of Ports (SEP) and they do not take into account Small Public Port Installations (IP4), as the Ministry of Transport acts on them. The classification of sea or river port is made by what type of transport the vessels arrive. An example of this is the Port of Manaus, which is classified as maritime for receiving vessels by the ocean, even though it is located close to river waterways.

Within these 235 port facilities, 37 are considered Public Ports (administered by the Union – either through the Dock Companies, municipalities, states or public consortia). In the list there is no terminal classified as Porto Lacustre. In addition, 161 are fluvial ports, dividing powers between the Secretariat of Ports, the Ministry of Transport and DNIT.

Source: PorteGente