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Two decades of experience

For 24 years, Oceânica Navegação has been working with the provision of services and support to navigation in activities in the Port-Maritime area, supporting coastal and offshore environmental protection and monitoring activities.

With a fleet of several small, medium and large vessels, the company values the quality of its services with all vessels within the standard of navigation and safety regulations required by the Navy, ensuring an efficient service and prepared for the needs of its customers. customers.

In recent years, commercial and documentary services have been added to offer a complete package to ships and cargo arriving at Brazilian ports. Today we are serving ships as a maritime agent and we handle cargo with customs clearance and a complete import trading structure with state tax benefits.

Differentials and Services


Oceânica is headquartered in São Francisco do Sul, based in Paranaguá and Imbituba.


Experience of more than 2 decades, always evolving and improving our standards.


We value the quality of our services, from attendance to execution.


Ship Agency

Vessel Chartering

Emergency Management

Maritime Port Support

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